Lunar calendar for 26. May 2020

Lunar phase - 3. day

Waxing crescentWaxing crescent
(moon resembles letter D with its shape)
CancerCancerDescending MoonMoon is descending from the north point, turning to the south. It resembles bowl turned upside down. Bowl is emptying up - it's time to plant in.

Moon is under the influence of sign Cancer.

Emotions are getting deep and compelling. Inside seems more beautiful than outside. Everything grows wider today.

Wet day


Take great care of your chest, breasts, lungs, stomach, liver and gallbladder.    


starchy foods

Take special care what you eat today if you have any problems with gallblader. Starches and carbs have increased effect on the body today and it's the right time to support your nervous system. That means starchy foods can make you feel good today, but some people experience flatulence even after a small portion. Bread in the bakery is sold out much faster during starchy food days. Leave out any pastry dishes, bread, noodles, potatoes and rice if you want to lose wight.


active plant part

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