Lunar calendar for 24. May 2020

Lunar phase - 1. day

Waxing crescentWaxing crescent
(moon resembles letter D with its shape)
GeminiGeminiTransition PointTransition point between two powers.

Moon is under the influence of sign Gemini.

Inclination to do many things at once, strong feeling to jump from one activity to another may arise. Powers are splitting. No ability is strong today, yet no ability is weak.

Clear and windy day


Take great care of your shoulders, hands and lungs.    


fat & oils

Fats and oils have increased effect today, it's the right time to nourish your glands. Give yourself some nuts, seeds and healthy fats like cod liver oil. Gland function can be promoted by giving yourself minute amounts of bitter substances, for example a small teaspoon of horseradish or mustard. Take care when eating fatty junk foods today, you may feel bad and tired even after a small portion. Today is a great day to extract oil from seeds, production will be higher than other days and oil will have more nutrients.


active plant part

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