Lunar calendar for 7. May 2020

Lunar phase - 15. day

Full MoonFull MoonScorpioScorpioDescending MoonMoon is descending from the north point, turning to the south. It resembles bowl turned upside down. Bowl is emptying up - it's time to plant in.

Moon is under the influence of sign Scorpio.

It's hard to admit something. Strength is reaching inwards, secrets are tempting and unbelievably attractive.

Wet day


Take great care of your genitals a urinary duct.  


starchy foods

Starches have increased effect on the body today, it's the right time to support your nervous system. Bread in the bakery is sold out much faster during these days. Starchy foods can make you feel good today, but some people might experience flatulence even after a small portion. If you want to lose weight, then leave out any pastry dishes, bread, noodles, potatoes and rice for today.


active plant part