Lunar calendar for 3. May 2020

Lunar phase - 10. day

Waxing crescentWaxing crescent
(moon resembles letter D with its shape)
VirgoVirgoDescending MoonMoon is descending from the north point, turning to the south. It resembles bowl turned upside down. Bowl is emptying up - it's time to plant in.

Moon is under the influence of sign Virgo.

Logic and rational thinking is dominating. Inclination to preciseness and small shy yet systematic steps. Days of Virgin sign can be described as measure twice, cut once.

Cold day


Take great care of your digestive tract, small intestines, colon, nerves, spleen and pancreas.    


minerals & salts

Watch out for fat foods and sweets. Unused calories will get stored right on the tummy. The most powerful nutrition for today are minerals and salts, it's time to nourish your blood. Salts and minerals have more strength and they are more easily absorbed. Give yourself some mineral rich vegetables or supplements, but take care with salty foods. You can have urge to put more salt on everything, but today it can make you feel tired. The safest way to get all required minerals and salts into your body is by taking a bath in salty water. Couple of teaspoons of Epsom salt or Sea salt into the bathtub is enough. Your body will absorb just the right amount it needs. Today is also great day to consume root crops - carrots, potatoes, beetroot, radish, onion, garlic or parsley. Choose the one you like the most and give yourself some healthy boost.


active plant part

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