Lunar calendar for 16. December 2018

Lunar phase - 8. day

Waxing crescentWaxing crescent
(moon resembles letter D with its shape)
AriesAriesAscending MoonMoon is acsending from the south point, heading to the north and it has a shape of bowl. Bowl is filling up - it's time to harvest.

Moon is under the influence of sign Aries.

Aries represents the time of stubbornness. Strong desire to go headfirst against the wall. Any feeling of binding in work or relationship is very disturbing. Everything starts anew, straight path is the best one today.

Warm day


Take great care of your head, brain, eyes and nose.    


protein foods & fruits

Protein foods and all of the fruits have increased effect on your body today. Food high in protein can do you good and taste awesome today, however if you are sensitive enough, even a small portion can make you feel nauseate. Notice your sensitivity to meat and legumes, next time you will know exactly which type of food you need to prefer during protein & fruit days. Fruits will give you much more energy today.


active plant part